Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brand New Guest bath

on flickr
vanity in my new guest bath

After many months, the downstairs guest bath is complete!  We completely tore the room apart in order to remove the tub and move some plumbing around.  The Shower is brand spanking new and glossy white.  The newly tiled floor is now comfortably heated, new vanity, new light fixtures, and a new wardrobe to store linens and dry laundry (that door in the right corner of the back of the room houses the washer and dryer).  I decided the room needed seating so I picked up a lovely new wishbone chair from my favorite shop- Kit Interior Objects. The room is all ready for guests.  I think they are going to like it.  The Before photographs were taken before we actually moved in to the house.  It was pretty grim.  Next up, the Rumpus Room! 

Tile- Kensington Carpet One
Mirror, shower glass and shower door handle- Crystal Glass
Light Fixture- Flos
Vanity- Roca - Long Island Vanity and shower hardware from  Art of Hardware
Wardrobe- Ikea
Wishbone chair- Kit Interior Objects


Karen Mowrey said... really did transform that place fabulously...bravo!!

Lori Andrews said...

Thank you Karen

Lizinka said...

Holy Moly - so Gorgeous - that shot of sunshine is the perfect start to any day! And the wishbone chair makes me swoon. I may have to share this one!

Lori Andrews said...

sure thing Lizinka, I don't mind :) thanks!