Saturday, January 15, 2011

the bob

I have been having my hair cut into a bob every few years since I was a wee child. I have been considering cutting it again for ages now.  I love my long hair though, so my hair stylist gave me a quick loose up-do for the evening.  Like a bob without the commitment.  In the meantime, I'll keep mulling it over.

I'll take opinions, my husband is sitting on a fence.

me (on left) mom and my twin sister

Update- I have decided to keep my hair long.  I really appreciate all your input!


abchao said...

Do it! Do it! I love your long hair but the bob would be so chic and fabulous.

Lori Andrews said...

I might. After Mexico.

Villajelena, Vidauban (Var) said...


I would be "in conflict" too. I do like the do up your hair stylist came up with so you can have both! I would not cut it if I could have both ;-)


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Villajelena Bienvenue (Blogger)

Karen Mowrey said...

i did it a few years back and loved it...LOVED always having a chic cut that got compliments...but on the down side...i did it in January and my neck was COLD...then by summer it was HOT and hard to pull up...but drying time and chic-ness won look adorable with your 'test' do and are a woman who will carry it off fabulously

Lori Andrews said...

thanks! The long hair is way more versatile I must admit :)

Y said...

Both look great on you. Can't go wrong either way!

I have this same dilemma and it seems that every time I go short that means there's change coming in my life. Have you ever noticed that?

Lori Andrews said...

Y- oh isn't that just when you cut it REALLY short?! :)

I think I am now leaning towards putting off my hair-cutting decision for at least a year :)

Anonymous said...

Remember the Marion Cotillard hair you told me to get? Maybe you should do it instead.

Tina said...

Do it!!! I love my bob!!! I say before mexico!