Wednesday, December 29, 2010

stolen moments

My favorite moments behind the lens in 2010

from left-

1. Snowshoeing Black Prince on a magical day.  January is still full of hope.

2. An evening photo shoot in the skankiest bear costume you could ever possibly rent.  hilarious.

3. Playing in the horse shelter with my mom. We took turns posing with that pitchfork. Mom is always such a great sport.

4. The first warm day of the year, feeling the sun on my skin was restorative. I spent hours out in my lone tree field this day.

5. The first long bike ride of the year.  We rode for hours to the furthest parts of the city.  This was taken overlooking the Glenmore reservoir, our drinking water supply.

6. My birthday.  A day trip to Drumheller ensued.  It was a beautiful and fun day with buckarooken.

7. 16 days on a private rafting trip down the grand canyon.  Life altering and life affirming experience. You have no idea.  It was exhausting, so hot, so challenging and yet so much fun.  We slept out under the stars.  We bathed under magical waterfalls. We each conquered our own fears.

8. A trip to Moraine Lake in Banff National Park with a visiting flickr friend.  That day was perfect.

9. A solo trip to grasslands national park.  Quite possibly my favorite place on earth.  My first solo camping experience.  It was a very beautiful and positive trip.

10. Finding beauty where I could not see it before.  The barn has fallen and is no longer my wistful
 muse but on this day with a flickr friend I found a way to accept it.

11. Rainbows.  This year I witnessed many rainbows.  Each one I saw was more spectacular than the last.

12. Winter again.  Snowshoeing with buckarooken and his brother.  My bil and I ended up spending a good deal of time together this December and it was good.  we connected.

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Anonymous said...

i love all of these!

Lori Andrews said...

thanks! not just a bunch of photos, but a bunch of memories :)