Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Details that mean something

I don't really believe in accessory shopping for my clients.  Occasionally, this frustrates the client a bit, but I believe quite sincerely, that any objects in a house should be there because they have personal importance.  The client is encouraged seek out items on their travels and to purchase items that they have a strong attraction to.  For clients on a budget I often suggest that childrens artwork  can be framed, a travel snapshot can be blown up, family memorabilia can be displayed, and student art can be purchased.  With some of my clients who might have larger budgets I will encourage them to start collections of art and objects.  I have introduced more than a few clients to my favorite local gallery SKEW and any of the iconoclastic items available at Kit Interior Objects will be treasured for years. 

Personally I love handmade objects.  This summer I purchased a set of these hand hammered copper bowls from a craftsman during a street fair in Invermere BC.  I love the way they refract the light and I can't wait to show them off next time I serve a nice Indian dinner with friends.

The hand thrown white ceramic bowl was purchased in Val Marie Saskatchewan, a tiny hamlet just north of Grasslands National park.  I love the weight of it and the smoothness of the glaze. Come to think of it, I also purchased a fabulous small painting at a gas station in rural Alberta (the owner is a painting hobbyist). 

Throwaway trends and accessories simply don't make sense to me.  It's not environmental and it doesn't add any real sense of place or personal history.  I understand the sense of urgency many clients have to "complete" their decorating but I encourage them to allow the decor to  complete itself in a more organic way.  I suggest my clients save up and buy the items they will want to keep for a lifetime.  :)


Jess said...

Beautiful bowls!

nikki said...

This post illustrates why you're such an awesome designer. I hate the idea of buying nicknacks (or accessories) just for the sake of completing a look. Your clients are very lucky to have you!