Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Colorful Doors

My current fav project included painting out all the bedroom wing doors in cheery, glossy colors.  The new black marmoleum floors really help to set off the bright colors I selected.  Yellow, orangey red, bright apple green, turquoise and finally one soft gray door.  The client loves it.  I think I love it even more.  Makes me long for a hallway of doors to paint actually.
The reason for the colors?  While it would have been in the budget to replace all the existing doors (which are likely reaching the 50 year mark) , I declared it non environmental to do so! Originally, I had ordered up new modern knobs for the doors but it turns out that 50 year old doors do not have the same set backs as new doorknobs require so we ended up using some inexpensive knobs from the hardware store.  no matter!  with those spectacular colors the knobs just add a tiny bit of sparkle.  If you would like to try this yourself, make sure you sand and prep your doors first.  You can use a roller with the glossy paint.  of course, you will need to take the door off the hinges to paint it.  and wait, patiently between coats.  It will take you at least 3-4 coats to get this saturation.

just add color

master bedroom door

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