Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Six Things I really kinda want to buy right now and maybe I will or maybe I already have.

I want a Zeppelin to hang from the rafters

and I want two or three or maybe four of these poufs to throw around the house

and how about the new Arcade Fire album (oh wait I already BOUGHT that!)

I wish I had bought THIS painting by Beth Pederson

and I want to buy one of these for everyone I know!

And I want this clothing rack because I'm lazy and I don't like hanging up my clothes before bed


VoyageVixen said...

I love the knit poofs :)

Lori Andrews said...

me too, it doesn't seem to easy to actually buy one though.

EV said...

love the clothes rack... we have an armchair that gets piled high with clothes by the end of the week... I loathe hanging clothes, anytime of the day!!

Lori Andrews said...

EV I know! and as a designer I can't condone the use of your bedroom chair, therefore I order you to buy this cool item asap. :)

Lizzykewl said...

Found your blog recently, a great find!

I want those knit poofs too! Looking into finding a pattern instead.

Lori Andrews said...

thanks Lizzykewl! It's my quite blog that I don't advertise very much. I really want a knit pouf. like, as in I have been scheming ways to get one.