Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back Country Camping

After returning from our very intense 18 day trip to the Grand Canyon, we came home and immediately hit Calgary's folk festival for the next 4 days.  Afterwards my clients and friends and family started writing, emailing, calling and generally reminding me of all my stressful responsibilities!  I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed and needed some quite time with my sweet husband so we booked a camp spot at Tombstone Lake Campground in Kananaskis for the weekend, bought some new packs to try out and went camping for a couple of days. It was fabulous.

My new Gregory pack fit great and performed very well.  Still 35-40 pounds on your back is always a bit of a challenge. 

The trail to the campground takes you past Elbow Lake (the source of Calgary's drinking water!) and through a very beautiful valley.  The campground (which is not right on the lakes) had 11 spots total and wasn't full so it was quiet and pretty.  The weather was tossing about a bit and we had rain in the evening and again the next morning, but nothing so bad to make us unhappy.  Met the CO who was lucky enough to be staying in the wardens cabin there (fantastic location!).  We hiked up to Tombstone lakes in the eve and again in the morning just for fun.  Just to add an extra 12 k to the weekend ha!

Not too much in the way of elevation on these hikes, but enough to make you remember that pack on your back at all times!  There is also nearby Rae lake to explore should you try this hike.


1. Lori hiking in
2. Ken hiking in
3. Elbow Lake
4. rain on lower Tombstone Lake in eve.
5. morning at the campsite
6. lower Tombstone in the morning
7. ken at upper tombstone
8. me at upper tombstone

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