Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They all fall down

Watching the old barn.
Lately I feel a sense of urgency about photographing this old barn. It sits on a neighboring property to my parents ranch. The property it sits on is for sale. The owner does not live on the property, but rather rents out the pasture in the summertime.
Every time I get close I am certain that "this" will be the very last week the barn remains standing. I hope that it in fact remains standing for another 20. these 2 photos were taken just under a year apart. I could swear the north wall was on the verge of collapse now but it really doesn't look much different. I'm gonna cry when it falls though. That is "so" the sort of thing that could make me cry.


Remiss63 said...

I absolutely love old barns and other discarded structures.

In your particular case, I believe this barn could last for several years to come. Has there been any significant movement in it recently?

Please continue photographing it. documenting its slow decay and dissolution is work that honors the barn's nobility.

Lori Andrews said...

the north wall (on the left) appears to have shifted a bit more outward this winter. if that wall collapses the roof will go with it.
I'll keep photographing it I promise :)

Maggie said...
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Anonymous said...

You should just buy the property.

Problem solved!

Lori Andrews said...

hmmmm wish I could wwcutie!

Carolyn said...

it would make me cry too!! :) i mean IT WILL!