Sunday, December 7, 2008

Flickr Moments

The best thing about flickr? The friends you make. Flickr helped me reconnect with awesome friends in my own city and even better helped me make new friends from all over the world.
Without flickr, Ken and I would likely never have traveled to Berlin and even if we had there is no way we could have experienced the city so easily without our flickr friends Matt and J├Ârdis.
Without flickr, I highly doubt Ken and I would have travelled to San Francisco twice in only 2 years. Pilar, Emdot, Jody and so many other awsome Californians keep bringing us back.
And let me tell you about Victoria! We travelled to California and stayed in Victoria's amazing "by the bay" apartment without ever meeting our friend "in the flesh". Seriously, that is the true flickr moment. I just love her and I know she will come to visit soon.
The friends you meet on flickr are of the highest quality. Trustworthy, creative and amazingly open.

Like Kathya who came to stay a few days with us this fall. Oh my gosh we had fun. so much fun. teehee. When you meet your flickr friends for the first time, you quickly realize that you have known them for like evah!

This March I will go and visit Anna Beth Chao in Lousiana! I can't wait. Oh and Next summer Ken and I will travel to Norway and spend some quality nature time with our good friend Astrid and we will finally get to meet Solve!

I love flickr and flickr moments. oh and film. I love that too.


leedav said...

I, too, love meeting flickr friends. Maybe someday I'll even get to meet you!

emdot said...

oh tenners, you teach us how to be better flickr friends. :)

i myself am very shy (!) or is it reticent (?) in meeting online peeps. to the point that i probably don't meet them when i oughta.

you show me how easy it is and should be and can continue to be. a true inspiration.

one day i will lose my real-life wallflowers ways. :)


Mathias said...

You totally forgot to mention the awesome Germans who came to visit you, yes yes. Awesome that was. You also forgot to mention that you will come to Berlin again next year.

Here's to flickr friends and film!

Lori Andrews said...

leedav-of course!
emdot- we drove all the way to SLO to meet you. You are that special! :)
Mathias- of course the Germans came to visit (thus the millions of photos) and yes of course we will come to Berlin next year. :)

claire said...

i think it's time for a visit to vancouver :)