Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bath Time

Ken and I love to take baths. I like to joke that the reason we bought the house was because of the tub. Well that and the shower with 7 different shower heads.
Ken and I have a saying. "The couple that bathes together, stays together."
Ok we don't really say that. But we do love our baths.


Mathias said...

I'm still a little bummed that I didn't get to visit the seven myself. Oh well.

I do like that saying, and I shall use it from now on.

Lori Andrews said...

yes use it! go ahead. It always makes people uncomfortable. :)

Lori Andrews said...

Love the color Lori, it reminds me of my new Winsor Newton Anniversary color, Dumont's Blue! Great job! Beautiful, I too am fond of baths, however, it is rare I find myself in one, much less one lit with nice candles or a tv above. :)

Lori Andrews said...

ha! well thanks Lori Andrews. You can imagine the initial confusion I had when I saw the post. teehee. us Lori's really ought to have a get together sometime. :)