Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That's my mom

This photo of my mom was taken in May 1970. My sister and I would have been nearly two years old at the time. My brothers, four and six.
As was the style of the day, she did nearly all of the physical work of raising us. I don’t know how she did it when I hear my friends talk of their difficult times with just one or two children.
The lovely smile you see in the picture has remained on her face for all the subsequent years. Despite nagging health concerns like arthritis and others, I rarely hear her complain.

Mom is a fabulous cook (a real Julia Child), an amazing decorator, a former entrepreneur, she is instantly adored by everyone who meets her.
Every year she manages to reinvent and creatively challenge her self. She got her first computer laptop just over a year ago or so and yet, somehow, she has managed to get hooked on facebook, and make friends all over the world already. She surprised us all recently when she flew to Estonia and Crimea to do further research on our family tree. World traveler- Check!

No, today isn’t her birthday, or any special occasion. I just wanted to boast about my mom a bit. She is fiercely loved.


leedav said...

That is so sweet. I see you are following in her footsteps.

emdot said...

I loved learning about her. :)

Astrid said...

So sweet.

And she writes entertaining e-mails while her daughter is in Berlin ;-)

Lori Andrews said...

that's true astrid. mom has a blog. I could have kept on writing for like 30 pages about her but I decided to just keep it at- she's AWESOME!

Betty said...

She even blogs? Super cool mom.

Anonymous said...

oh your mom is adorable & all sorts of awesome. i love how much you look like her! :)

*sarah* said...

ahh now we know where you get your charming sassiness from, lori! :)