Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear Boots

I have been wearing this pair of boots for years. I don't deserve them. I drag them through muddy fields and scuff them on concrete. They just had a revamp at Jim's Shoe Repair. I really ought to go and shoot Jim in his shop with my hasselblad. He has operated his shop for as long as I can remember. Jim is an adorable old Italian man. He told me "see. I fix good and cheap too!". I promise to go and shoot Jim this week. He fixed my boots. My beautiful dear Brazilian leather boots. I love my boots. I love Jim too.


Anonymous said...

I have a couple pairs of shoes and boots that I take in every two years to get repaired/loved so I can make them last as long as possible. I good shoe repairman (I can't think of the proper term) is worth his weight in gold.

*melanie from

Marion said...

I'm still searching for my pair of boots...those look indeed perfect.