Friday, January 21, 2011

handmade is beautiful

 I posted photos from this master bathroom renovation project on my flickr stream a few months back, but the real beauty of the custom oak pieces I commissioned for the client was perhaps not evident in the images.  So I went back in there the other day to shoot some details of the stunning tallboy cabinet I designed.  It looks great now that the clients have fully "moved in" and started using the space.  My client bought herself colorful towels which I really like.
 My cabinet maker Stuart really outdid himself.  I asked for a single locking interior drawer to hold any prescription drugs etc. as the clients have small children.  The large drawers below hold a great deal of linens and beddings.  The vanity was also made by my cabinet maker to match. I traveled to the wood supplier with the cabinet maker to choose the wood pieces. We loved the grain in these sections. The vanity has the same beautiful details.  I wanted to design a piece the clients will treasure for a lifetime.  I have included a photograph of myself in the room to help with scale.  It's tall.  The room has such great light and I wish it were my bathroom.

just completed

just completed

see more of this project on flickr 


angela auclair said...

gorgeous. and i love the scale of it.

we are looking at moving this year, from country to city, and will likely need to re scale our entire lives;) - i am thinking i am going to find tons of inspiration from your work.

Lori Andrews said...

awww, thanks! everytime I complete a project, I can't believe my luck at getting to do this job. :)

charlotte said...

that's a beautiful cabinet and such a great size and design - the legs make it really stunning. i love the care you took throughout the process, it really shows.

Lori Andrews said...