Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favorite moments

It wasn't easy to decide what my favorite moment last year was. We had a wonderful year and everyday brought awesome surprises.
I decided to choose this moment in Grasslands National park. My husband and I drove there for a nice weekend getaway camping and hiking at the beginning of summer. The weather was warm and the grasslands were especially pretty. It is one of my favorite places on earth. This photo was taken from the top of one of the highest buttes in the park. It was a nice little hike and the views were spectacular. We saw one other couple on this day. A very nice couple (a decade or two older than us) from Regina Sask. They told us that they return to grasslands every single year. It is that sort of place. Once you leave, you start dreaming of when you can return. Some people are Ocean people. Some People are city people. Me, I'm Grass people. I love the wind and the scent and the endless views. Ken has really discovered his love for the grasslands as well. We travel well together (Ken and I). These little getaways together bring me much joy. Happy New Year!

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