Monday, October 26, 2009

award winning

Hey ! Another project I worked on has won awards. This time the house is a "cabin" in BC. I had worked with the clients before and they called me to help with their vacation home. I never went on site and instead made all my designs from the house plans. I gave the client interior and exterior paint colors (based on local bylaws) I chose the stains, the stone for the exterior of the house, the lighting (K-scope), the cabinetry, the granite countertops, the furniture etc. It was fun. we simply emailed back and forth and I arranged to ship much of the furniture (and now that I think of it the lighting and the rug) from here to BC. There were a few small problems but in the end the clients were quite happy. and now it has won awards! yay!
here are some pictures from the website. I did not take them. You can follow the link to the award website. I chose a great creamy white dining table and then all of the chairs around the table and the bar are red. The sectional came from Calgary as did the custom area rug I had made. some of the items came from Pottery barn so the client could have those shipped direct.

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Astrid said...

Oh! Cool! Congratulations!