Friday, September 11, 2009


The weather is gorgeous here in Alberta so Ken and I are doing a little back country camping trip. We will hike in from Buller Pass and camp the night at Ribbon lake. If we can get ourselves out of bed, we will hike up the mountain for some dawn photos. We have our camping permit, and our gear (I'm going to go buy some bear spray tonight) and I can't wait! Hope you are doing something equally as excellent this weekend!


Isabelle said...

I don't think I ever want to do something that involves having to buy BEAR SPRAY. Australia may have the largest amount of deadly creatures but at least we don't have human munching BEARS. I could outrun a deadly spider, or squish it but I don't fancy my chances against a bear.

Lori Andrews said...

well, it's actually always pretty exciting to have the prospect of seeing a bear! But you really don't want a bear in your tent. y'know ?! :)