Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dr. Nevermind's

I have always been unnaturally fond of tiny rubber baby dolls.
It wasn't until my mom presented me with a box of my childhood toys (for my 40th birthday) that I realized I actually had a bunch as a child.
I seriously considered opening a toy store when I was in my thirties. Buckarooken and I even started touring potential rental locations. I wanted to carry those little cans that moo like a cow when you tip them over, tin toys, retro toys, puppets, and everything else that the adult buyer would be nostalgic about.
I planned to call my store
Dr. Nevermind's Emporium of Curiosities, Potions and tinkatures.

Mom and I already had plenty of retail experience form running our store - The Heavenly Outhouse.
and that experience is alas, what kept me from opening the store. There isn't much money in retail and the only clerk who cares is the owner.
still, I do love toys.


Mona said...

What a sweet story and nice names for stores.

Carolyn said...

you would be such a great toy store owner.