Monday, December 15, 2008

Moccasin love

I have preferred moccasins over slippers for years. My first and favorite pair came as gift from my brother. He was working in Northern BC at the time doing wildlife biology work on government lands and native reserves. Somehow he managed to find an elder woman who was still making the moccasins completely by hand the old fashioned way. Of course when they arrived in the mail the moccasins were overwhelmingly permeated with a deep smoky smell as that is part of the tanning process. They were so beautiful with just a small amount of beadwork. they fit like a glove to. I wore them constantly indoors and out on quick errands. Needless to say I wore right through them in just 6 months.
I loved those moccasins. I have tried through various government agencies to contact that woman or someone like her, but it is becoming harder and harder to find someone making them in the old way. I like the ones I'm wearing in this photo. My mom bought them for me in Saskatchewan. They are "authentic native moccasins" and very warm with this fur lining. Still I hope one day to get another pair as good as those first ones. Just thinking of them conjures up the strong smokey smell and buttery feel. Anyhow, fur lined moccasins are just the thing when the temperatures dip. :)


Jocelyn said...

I just bought my first pair and have found that they're essential on hardwood floors in the cold weather.

Lori Andrews said...

exactly! bravo Jocelyn :)
all of my homes have had hardwood for the past 15 years. nothing else will do

Lori Andrews said...

oh I guess I should mention
My first moccasins were
a. moose hide
b. chewed by the elder for softness
c. unlined and fit to my feet